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Our Aim and Practices

Our journey as licensed physiotherapists began with a desire to treat patients more effectively. Sun Therapies was founded as a result of this drive to improve things. Because everything we do is focused on providing a service we can be proud of, we think we raise the bar for innovation and delivery in the physiotherapy profession. Providing thorough professional services that aid in our patients' fullest physical rehabilitation is our aim for each and every one of our patients.

Here, we want to make sure that we meet all of your physiotherapies needs to the highest standard possible.
We value compassionate, efficient, and high-quality care. Careful and thorough physiotherapy service is diligent and effective. Focus Physiotherapy is committed to achieving outcomes that endure.

We started with a clear idea and vision of what the profession of physiotherapy is, and what it can do to speed up patient recovery, because Sun Therapist is owned and developed by qualified physiotherapists.

Jai Narayan


About Us

How we work at Sun Therapies

We provide you with Excellent treatment

Sun Physiotherapy employs a distinctive method for providing healthcare services for injury rehabilitation, drawing on a variety of restorative approaches to assist you in getting back to a healthy, active lifestyle after an injury. We can also teach you techniques to enhance your performance, technique, and strength if you're an athlete. We highly value your involvement in achieving recovery.

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Our Specialities

Our Unique Approach

  • Along with your own objectives and observations, we consider all referral data, medical history, and lifestyle practices. Our evaluation will identify the locations of discomfort and sensitivity as well as any potential biomechanical issues.
  • We don’t only give your condition a name; we also note any additional parts of your body that the damage may have injured. In order to help you make educated decisions and prevent recurrences, we also educate you about your condition and its causes.