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The Inspiring Story of Dr Kaveri Selvan

The inspiring story of Dr. Kaveri Selvan Manian.

# Welcome to Sun Therapies. We are thrilled to share with you the story of our Clinic’s founder and lead physician, Dr. Kaveri Selvan. In this video, we take a deep dive into his life journey and how he overcame challenges to become the successful healthcare provider he is today. We believe that sharing his story will not only inspire others but also give you a better understanding of the passion and dedication he brings to his work every day. As a Clinic, we are committed to providing high-quality healthcare services to our patients. By sharing the personal story of our founder, we hope to create a more meaningful connection with our patients and show them that they are more than just a number to us. We are excited to share this video with you and look forward to your feedback.

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Dr. Kaveri Selvan

Dr. Kaveri

Dr. Kaveri Selvan Manian

Dr Kaveri Selvan

Dr. kaveri Selvan Queens Urgent Care

Dr. Kaveri Queens Urgent Care

Queens urgent care Kaveri

dr kaveri selvan

dr Kaveri

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The Inspiring Story of Dr Kaveri Manian